Prayers and wishes in Japan

The Japanese are mainly Buddhist. Going to the temple to pray their many Gods and make wishes is part of everyday life.
For 100 yens, you can shake a box containing sticks, until one falls. The number written on the stick corresponds to one poem. I tested my good fortune at Meiji Jingu in Tokyo. The poem I got was composed in the traditional 31-syllable form (waka), by the Empress Shoken. These Imperial poems deliver special messages...
My "Omikuji" says :
Cut, if need be, through thick briars,
Knots of brambles, tangled thorns,
For the path that`s yours to follow
Must be trodden to the end.


Located on the hill of eastern Kyoto, Kiyomizu temple is one of the most popular temples in Kyoto.

In this temple, you can buy many wishes

Young girls come and pray to the popular matchmaking shrine.

The God of love

This stone is called "Love-fortune-telling" stone. If you walk safely from this stone to the other with your eyes closed, your wish will be granted soon. If you can`t, it will be long before your love is realized!!! ...

Listen to Japanese priests praying.

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