Magic energies in Himachal Pradesh

Welcome to the Parbati valley in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh.
Emilie and I arrived in Pulga, a small colourful village, located at 2400 m in the Himalayas, surrounded by fields of apple trees, yellow mustard flowers, enchanted pine forests, and mountains covered with snow …
We arrived on a nice sunny day, very happy to escape from the heat and take our pullovers, jackets and hiking shoes out of our bags.
On the first night, in the opposite village, I heard people play drums, sing and dance… as if they were calling on gods.
On the next day, a storm started, it was getting colder as the snow was falling nearer and nearer.

I got some wood for the tandoor (a small oven) to heat the room. And the ceremony of drums went on and on and on as black clouds were rushing from the valley…

The storm finally stopped after two days.
We went for a walk in the village.

Some villagers were carrying a small temple while others had climbed on a roof with two big sheep…which they sacrificed. “Sheep cutting” as they say.

The whole village was now feasting under the clear sky lit by the moonlight. Tonight’s menu: boiled mutton! And many vegetarians… The last winter had lasted 5 months in Pulga, and about 30 children had died. These sacrifices enable the villagers to eat meat.

People believe in local gods. In Pulga, they worship Narayan, the god of the forest.

The defta (ambulant temple) is carried from one place to another. Narayan is a small god, but a very powerful one; when the villagers want the rain to start or to stop, they call on the gods, play drums and offer sacrifice. And it works!

Women wear “patu”, the local dress, made of wool.

Looming is a widespread activity in the whole valley, women make dresses, shawls, blankets…

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