Nice miniature

La photo est "vivante" !
Bienvenue dans notre Nice miniature en 3 D !...
Les élèves de 3°1 ont créé à travers et autour de la photo en disposant une photographie sur un présentoir vertical, en papier rigide.

Voici donc leurs oeuvres et leurs commentaires !

We worked on "Place Masséna" with the tramway in perspective.

Lise, Debora, Manon

We took photos of "Place Masséna".
There was a homeless, so we decided to draw "Place Masséna" and add a composition with coffee, snails, litter... to make it very dirty.

Maud, Sabrina, Rime

When we walk in Nice, we see a lot of dog excrement, so we wanted to show how dirty Nice is.

Anissa, Houria

We invented a new city with the tramway.

Dino, Arseit, Jean-Philippe, Raphael

We made a stadium because we like football. We added the anthem "Nissa La Bella"!
Kevin, Timy, Nicolas

I took a picture on the computer and I widened it on a box.


Click here to watch the video "Place Massena Flash Dance" made by Caroline, Cindy and Mélissa!

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